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All exams and exercises are graded on a total scale of 100. Students are expected to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above to be considered in acceptable standing and must have successfully completed at least 80% attendance of scheduled hours. Exams are taken after completion of each individual course and are necessary to determine academic standing, certificate issuance and for the corresponding course to appear on the transcript. It is recommended that students perform practice exercises before taking exams. Students are required to sign our classroom practice materials. Students who take an exam and do not pass will be granted a one-time opportunity to take an equivalent exam on the same subject matter. However, the highest grade that can be achieved on the second exam is 90%.

The academic progress of students enrolled in programs will be valuated at the mid-point determined by clock hours. Evaluation criteria include attendance requirements and academic progress as stated above. Students who are not maintaining an adequate average may be placed on Academic Probation. Students are allowed no more than 150% ofthe normal program length in which to meet all requirements for graduation. (Ex. Medical Billing is 12 weeks a student must complete the course within with in 18 weeks). Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the program. Students who have not maintained adequate academic progress or attendance standards will be placed on Academic Probation. The maximum time allowed for a student to complete his/her educational objective at NLBI will be 150% ofthe program length to maintain satisfactory attendance. A student is allowed three absences per module, however if the student exceeds these absences they will be put on probation. Removal of probation consists of the student demonstrating perfect attendance with no missed hours for a three-week period following the act of being put on such probation. The student has four weeks to raise his/her GPA to 2.0. In addition, a minimum attendance of 80% of scheduled hours is required during the probation period. Failure to conform during probation will result in dismissal. Students who have been dismissed due to incomplete grades are not eligible for re- admittance to the school.

Number   Letter   GPA   Number   Letter   GPA   Number   Letter   GPA
96-100   A   4.0   77-79   C+       67-69   D+   1.3
90-95   A-   3.7   74-76   C       64-66   D   1.0
87-89   B+   3.3   70-73   C-       60-63   D-   0.7
84-86   B   3.0               Below   F   0.0
80-83   B-   2.7               60%   F   0.0

A grade of "incomplete" will be given if coursework is not completed. Students have 30 days to complete any mission coursework to be considered for a grade. A student may appeal dismissal by submitting a written request describing any extenuating circumstance or conditions, and the school administration will review it. All decisions to accept or reject a request to be reinstated are at the sole direction ofthe administration.


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